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Our connection with SeaMaid dates back over 30 years.

The Blue Continent Group is broadly based with extensive activities in the procurement of fish from local and international producers, processing and packing, local and export trading and marketing of marine products, shipping, clearing, forwarding and bunker supplies.

The export division handles the procurement and international distribution of local and off shore fish, and is the single largest exporter of, amongst other products, tuna, squid, and abalone from South Africa.

Produced from selected fresh fillets, Sea Maid and Compass brand Sea Frozen (Capensis) hake fillets are proving the great alternative for fast food and food service operators.

Graded, 2/4oz-4/6oz-6/8oz-8/12oz. Packed 2x5kg shatterpack

For over 30 years Seamaid Smoked Cod fillets have remained a market favourite. Produced from selected Cape hake fish, smoked delicately in a wood chip kiln and frozen to perfection. Available in 5kg shatter pack and graded 4/6oz- 7/12oz- 12oz.

Blue Continent headquarters are in Capetown, South Africa, and the company operates at several strategic locations along the South African coastline, as well as in Namibia, Taiwan and Uruguay.