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Ocean Monarch

Ocean Monarch:
Developed in Australia, Ocean Monarch products are the kings of seafood. Made with only the finest quality seafood, Ocean Monarch products deliver the premium freshness and flavour Australians demand.
Ocean Monarch Calamari Chips:
Cut from select New Zealand arrow tenderised squid, our natural cut, portion controlled Calamari Chips are ideal for fast food outlets, takeaways, functions and general catering.
Ocean Monarch Black Tiger Cooked and Peeled Prawns:
Guaranteed 100% weight on removal of glaze, Ocean Monarch prawns are produced from selected raw material. Our prawns are ideal for clubs, takeaway and fast food outlets, corporate catering and function centres.
Australian Whiting Fillets in light crumb:
A great Australian favourite. Produced from the best quality NSW north coast whiting and coated with golden toasted crumbs. Portion Controlled - 46/50 fillets per kilo.
Ocean Monarch Seafood Flakes and Sticks:
Produced from the finest quality white fish and mixed with crab, our Seafood Flakes and Sticks have many applications in the Food Service and Retail market. This product may be used in salads, omelettes, casseroles, chowders, seafood mixes and many other dishes Check out our new IQF Seafood Flakes in the 1.25kg Value bags.
Ocean Monarch Fish Burger:
Ocean Monarch Fish Burgers are made from the choice New Zealand hoki fillets, with a light crisp coating. Portion controlled, Ocean Monarch Fish Burgers are ideal for takeaways, bistros, functions and general catering.
These include:
  • Fish Cocktails
  • Calamari Chips
  • Nile Perch Fillets
  • NZ Dory Fillets
  • Hoki Portions
  • South African Smoked Cod Fillets
  • Australian Whiting Fillets
  • Crumbed NZ Dory Fillets
The 1 Kg Value Bag range.
  • Crumbed Squid Rings
  • Crumbed Fish Wedges
  • Crumbed Sthn Blue Whiting Fillets
  • Natural Hoki Fillets Skin On
  • Natural Southern Blue Whiting Fillets Skin On