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Harry Peters' connection with Nichirei began in his days at All States Frozen Foods, when he marketed Nichirei crumbed calamari for the first time in Australia. It was a huge success and led Harry to work closely with Nichirei to develop other innovative products including the first hand made breaded prawn cutlet. Since starting Marine Product Marketing, Harry has continued the association with Nichirei and continued to work with them to bring new and exciting products to homes across Australia. Founded in 1945, Nichirei Corporation is one of Japan's leading food companies, with operations spanning domestic and international food processing, research and development, including biotechnology research. Nichirei products we distribute include:
Crumbed Scallops:
Ideal as either entrees or main courses at club bistros, function centres restaurants, and fast food outlets, Crumbed Scallops are produced from popular tender roe-off scallops, coated with golden toasted breadcrumbs.
Prawn Parcel:
Prawn Parcel is a superb hand made combination of fresh prawns and vegetables, wrapped with crispy wheat pastry. A great finger food for take-away outlets, function centres, hotel bistros, clubs, etc.
Prawn Burger:
Prawn Burger with 'fair dinkum' prawns, encased in a light golden crumb, adds a refreshing change to fast food menu. Versatile enough to be served as traditional burger, or as a meal with rice and teriyaki sauce.
Fish Dippers:
Nichirei Fish Dippers are produced from best quality Red Spot Emperor, caught fresh in Thailand, which gives a very sweet tasting product. The fish is lightly coated in crispy Tempura Batter and is ideal for entrees, smorgasbords, "kids" meals, club bistros, function centres etc
Seafood Combo Basket:
A delicious combination of quality seafood. Conveniently portion controlled, Seafood Combo Basket is an economical alternative to Seafood Basket. Only the highest quality ingredients are used.
Breaded Prawn Cutlets:
This is the original, handmade, butterfly style, Breaded Prawn Cutlet and Nichirei was the first to introduce it. The soft texture of the Japanese style breadcrumb makes this product unique and popular as an entree or main course in hotels, clubs, bistros, functions, caterers and restaurants.
Tempura Prawns:
Nichirei Tempura Prawns are succulent, tender prawns coated in a crispy light Tempura Batter. A gentle touch of garlic makes the product a superb appetizer. Best as a snack or entree, it can be used in clubs, hotel bistros, function centres, fast food outlets, restaurants, etc. Ready to cook, no preparation is needed.
New 'Ichiban' Tempura prawn:
The original Japanese recipe for Tempura coating has been used in this delicious new product. Lightly coated, this large prawn is a natural centrepiece for seafood platters, functions and bistro meals as well as takeaway. The smaller sizes are perfect for finger food.
Tempura Party Prawn:
Nichirei Tempura Party Prawns are succulent, tender prawns (with tail on) coated in a crispy light tempura butter. This product is perfect for a snack or entree and makes an ideal finger food. It can be used in clubs, hotel bistros, functions centres, fast food outlets, restaurants, caterers etc. Ready to cook, no preparation is necessary.
Calamari Rings and Sea Bites:
Crumbed Calamari Rings, produced from the best quality squid, our rings are tender, graded for portion control and coated with golden toasted crumbs. Sea Bites are made from tasty scallops flavoured with surimi and coated with golden crumbs. A great finger food. Both Calamari Rings and Sea Bites are ready to cook and portion controlled.
Nichirei Frozen Sea-Kebabs are the ultimate finger food, make from fresh raw seafood and coated in light Japanese style crumbs and/or tempura batter. There are 4 varieties and all are versatile, suitable as entrees or main courses in clubs, hotel bistros, restaurants, fast food outlets, function centres, etc.
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