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Clean Harvest Barramundi:
Australis Aquaculture, LLC is an award-winning provider of delicious, healthy, sustainable seafood marketed under the Clean Harvest® Brand. We developed innovative and award winning Smart Aquaculture® practices to bring the highest quality farm-raised barramundi to word seafood markets. We spearheaded the introduction of Barramundi in North America are proud to have seen its popularity grow from an Australian favourite into an international culinary trend. Australis was founded by an entrepreneur from Western Australia who had the exciting idea of introducing Barramundi to the American market. Australian barramundi juveniles were initially exported to the US where they were grown to market in a sophisticated recirculation system located north of New York City. Australis' fish are marketed using traditional aboriginal artwork and stories to convey an authentic Australian culinary experience. After generating success in some of America's finest restaurants, Australis decided to expand into the retail. To do so, they needed to drastically expand production. Following a three year search, they found their way to the pristine waters of central Vietnam. The Clean Harvest® farm is located 10 km off-shore, nestled amongst a cluster of small, largely uninhabited, islands. The translucent blue ocean waters provide perfect conditions for raising the some of the world's highest quality barramundi. If you haven't tried Clean Harvest® Barramundi, you're in for a treat!
Why we’re called The Better Fish :
Use of tanks allows us to stock larger fish, eliminating the need for chemicals such as anti-foulants and minimizes the need for net changes which can result in fish escape.
  • Low Density Farming - Our cages are widely spaced and are stocked at very low densities, averaging just 15 lbs. of fish per ton of water. Our barramundi occupy less than 1% of the pen, providing a naturally uncrowded environment.
  • Sustainable Feeds – We use the exact same sustainably-formulated feed in Vietnam that we do in at our US Farm. Our custom feed meets the highest standards for sustainability, health and food safety and, like our fish – it's independently tested for purity.
  • Clean Waters – Low stocking densities, use of land-based tanks, rotational fallowing of the pen site between crops and hand feeding ensure that there is no deposition of waste beneath our pens.
  • Social Welfare - Sustainability is also about taking care of people and human communities. We treat our workers well, pay living wages, and offer all permanent full time employees full benefits. All non-US facilities undergo third party social welfare audits to ensure compliance with local laws.
Today, Australis is the world's largest and only vertically-integrated barramundi producer. Headquartered in Massachusetts, we operate some of the most innovative and environmentally-friendly fish farms with locations in the U.S., Central Vietnam and Indonesia. Our diversified base gives us the ability to supply saltwater farmed, fresh and frozen barramundi of exceptional quality on a year-round basis.